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Friday, April 11, 2014

Green Teens pitch in at Harvey Park!

On April 5, the Green Teens were out early Saturday morning  helping  volunteers at Harvey Park. The ground was wet and the wind was howling but that did not stop the Green Teens. The Harvey Park annual  Pitch In For Parks Event was a big success thanks to the Green Teens. They raked and bagged leaves which were heavy,wet and soggy from the rain the night before. By the end of the event 270 bags of leaves were collected. They placed all 270 bags into a container to be taken out of the park.  It was a day full of hard work, laughs and snacks! The Green Teens and volunteers had a great time and Harvey Park looked fantastic. Adults and children alike were impressed in the Green Teens' dedication to community service. The Al Oerter Green Teens Rock!

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