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Monday, August 18, 2014

Annual Green Teens/ SYEP Sports Challenge at Al Oerter

Last Friday, August 15th the Green Teens enjoyed a day of Sports at the Al Oerter Recreation Center in Flushing. The Annual Green Teens/ SYEP Sports Challenge was an awesome day! Ms. Sandra the Al Oerter's Green Teens Coordinator wanted to thank the teens for all their  hard work and dedication to public service. The gym was open to the teens and many games were played. Dodgeball and  Wallyball were two of the many athletic competitions. Dogeball is a classic game which many Green Teens and SYEPs  played in school.  Many of the teens were not familiar with the rules of  Wallyball. This gave the Green Teens and SYEPs the opportunity to try a new game. Staff was on hand to cheer, teach and referee as the teens competed. The  Green Teens and SYEPs received  lunch, certificates of appreciation and awards. The gym was filled with laughing, screaming and running teens. The Al Oerter Green Teens and SYEPs deserved a day of fun and recreation as the summer session comes to a close. Although  the end of the summer is fast approaching  it is not the end for many 
                                                                Green Teens. The Green Teens will be back in the fall!


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