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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Monday October 20 afterschool, the Sorrentino Green Teens were out caring for and beautifying Far Rockaway. A few dedicated Green Teens arrived to the center ready to tackle a difficult project. The trees a block away from the center had very compact soil. It is not easy  being a street tree on a very busy corner in New York City.  Many people walk through the tree beds. The soil was very tough but the Green Teens were focused and would not let it deter them. The Sorrentino Green Teens cared for the trees and planted daffodil bulbs hoping the community will not continue to walk in the tree beds. The Sorrentino Green Teens put alot of effort into caring for the young street trees in hopes next Spring the beautiful daffodils will brighten up that busy corner in Far Rockaway. Many neighbors smiled and were thankful for the Green Teens' community service.


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